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19 Adorable Photos That Expose The Reality Of Sumatran Childhood


19 Adorable Photos That Expose The Reality Of Sumatran Childhood

You Will Be Hard Pressed To Find A Sumatran Child Without A Smile On Their Face.

This is what photographer Joanna Polling found upon her trip to South Sumatra. In her own words upon collecting her photo-series: “The people we met will stay with me forever… Almost everyone we encountered had a smile to give. And they loved having their picture taken. I miss it already.”

With every photo, came a different smile.

So here are 19 of Joanna’s insightful photos into Sumatran childhood…

1) All Smiles In South Sumatra

2) Mother Washes Her Child From The Tap Outside Their House

3) There’s Always Something More Enjoyable Outside The Classroom

4) School Kids Riding Motorbikes To School? Only In Indonesia…

5) Indonesia’s Got Talent

6) These Kids Can Colour Within The Lines And Everything!

7) I Bet They Only Pretend To Work When A Camera Is Around…

8) These Guys Don’t Even Pretend!

9) Girls Are Always Better Behaved

10) It’s Nice When A Child’s Food Doesn’t Come From The Supermarket…

11) Young Adults Serving At A Kaki-Lima

12) Photo Finish In This Sprint Race!

13) A Proud Mother

14) Gossiping Girls

15) A Classroom With A View

16) Watch How Dad Does It, Son

17) No Such Thing As Bed Time When You’re The Child Of A Street Vendor

18) A Mona Lisa’s Smile

19) Boys Will Be Boys…

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