Accidental Indonesian Hipsters

Accidental Hipster: Is a person that does not follow hipster fashion or trends, and unknowingly does something hipster-like. May involve choice of clothing, hair style, music, drink, etc. - Urban Dictionary

Eg: Normal Guy: Where did you get those vintage Ray-Bans?
Accidental Hipster: I just found them in the parking lot.

Normal Guy: What about those sepia-toned posters you are carrying? And is that wheat-grass juice you're drinking?   
Accidental Hipster: I'm just running errands for my Mother dude.

Normal Guy: DUDE! You are SO accidental HIPSTER right now!
Accidental Hipster: OH Goddammit!

Well, there it is. Here we present you everyday Indonesians who have accidentally dressed themselves into the hipster stratosphere in 11 ironic photos.

Submitted by Anwar Cointreau

The over-sized shirt, that old-school bicycle. He's probably sewing skinny jeans too. Check!

Okay now we're talking. Vintage frames, ironic facial hair, this dude is bringing it back before it was cool.

Ugh I hate labels, but nothing says hipster more than self rolled 'organic tobacco' and period frames from the 90s.

These dudes are actually Indonesian pirates from the Straits of Malacca. But instead, they just look like a bunch of hipsters going to Coachella festival for Tame Impala.

The combination of cigarette filter, moustache and scarf just screams hipster. This dude might as well be the Hunter S Thompson of Indonesia.

Remember the dude who was on the old Rp.50,000 notes? Well, he was a national hero who happened to play in a jazz-styled band called "Black and White." Soo existential..

Oversized beanie? Check. Beard? Check. The emotionless stare of apathy? Check! Hipster? You bet!

This hipster duo are posing for their new post-current experimental tribal funk mix tape cover. Obviously.

Flannel. I swear, everything about them is exactingly constructed to give off the vibe that they just don’t care. Jokowi: the man, the myth, the legend, the hipster.

Bob Sadino was a hero to many. Known for his unconventional ways, his legend lives on. The hipster elite.

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