A Rare Historical Look At Old Indonesia - 25 Photos Taken Pre-1920

A rare and very historical look at Indonesia and its people during the Dutch colonial period.

A Javanese prince with two servants (c. 1865-1870)

A man from Batavia carrying his warung (c. 1870)

Raden Saleh, a Javanese romantic painter who pioneered modern Indonesian art (c. 1872)

The Raja of Buleleng, Bali, and his secretary (c. 1875)

Two Nias warriors in the South Nias Regency (c. 1882-1912)

A man with traditional Dayak tattoos (c.1896)

Toba Batak head with his family in their home, North Sumatra (c. 1900)

Masked men of the theater acting in "Topéing", Java (c. 1900-1920)

A Dayak chief (c. 1900-1920)

Seudati dance performed at Samalanga, Bireun, Aceh (c. 1907)

A native Balinese woman spinning (c. 1910)

A Batak family, Sumatra (c. 1910)

Workers at a construction site for a railway tunnel in the mountains, Java (c. 1910)

Kampong residents in Batavia listen to a gramophone (c. 1910)

A Balinese family (c. 1910-1920)

An opium dealer and a smoker (c. 1912)

A Makassar man (c. 1912)

Nias tribesmen moving and erecting a megalith (c. 1915)

Dayak warriors from Longnawan, North Borneo (c. 1917)

Baris dancers drinking beer, Bali (c. 1918)

Students of STOVIA, or "School for the Training of Native Physicians", Batavia (c. 1919)

Wood carvers creating masks (c.1919)

A Batak farmer, Sumatra (c. 1919)

An elderly Batak woman, Sumatra (c. 1919)

A Dayak man with earrings and a lance (c. 1919)