A Day in the Life of An Indonesian Policeman

They vow to protect and serve, but all we see is a police force that really does what they want, when they want! Here are 4 hilarious videos that show us some of their daily activities. 

1) Making Music Videos

This video of a policeman lip syncing to "Chaiya Chaiya" went viral a few years back. I guess making music videos is part of the police force's marketing plan?

2) Traffic Dance Off

This policeman was obviously bored during his traffic shift so brought a bit of 'joget dangdut' into the mix to liven things up.

3) Providing a Traffic Escort Service to...Anyone! 

This policeman has been hired privately to help this rich -and obviously impatient- citizens to get through the traffic quickly. A very good and noble use of his time.

4) Getting Bribes

This policeman in Bali stops a 'tourist' with a hidden camera, what we see is the whole bribery process that goes on behind the scenes. This was in fact from a Dutch TV program that shows tourist scams around the world.