9 Out Of 10 Worst Airlines Worldwide Are From Indonesia

In a shocking, yet quite unsurprising, result in airline safety, 9 out of the 10 worst airlines in the world hail from our very own Indonesia…which airlines made the list? 

The independent auditing company, AirlinesRatings, recently looked into data from aviation governing bodies, audits, records of fatality and more of 407 airlines. They also looked into operational history, incident reports and consumer research, according to The Independent

The famed Lion Air crash in Bali, Image source: nydailynews.com

The famed Lion Air crash in Bali, Image source: nydailynews.com

In what has become an obviously trending topic amongst Indonesians and of course travellers, the results were particularly terrible for the archipelago. Here is the top ten list (list is in alphabetical order):-


1. Batik Air

2. Bluewing Airlines

3. Citilink

4. Kal-Star Aviation

5. Lion Air

6. Sriwijaya Air

7. TransNusa

8. Trigana Air Service

9. Wings Air

10. Xpress Air


Now, as you can see (and check for yourself) all but number 2 - Bluewing Airlines - comes from Indonesia. Funnily enough though, Bluewing Airlines comes from Suriname, who, as we know, have a strong Indonesian-descent population (Suriname was once a Dutch colony, and the Dutch brought many Indonesian slaves and workers to the country). Does this kind of show that perhaps the Indonesian people were meant to have their feet remain on the ground? Perhaps…

On a more positive note however, in separate research done by Skytrax - reported in Australian Times - our very own Garuda made #8 of the top 10 best airlines in the world! So thank you to Garuda for saving face for our country… 

So ladies and gents, when you're flying around Indonesia think twice; is that slightly cheaper flight really worth it? As they say, your money or your life…