9 Colorized Photos Of Bali In The 1920s

You’ve seen old school Indonesia in black and white - but how about in color? Colorization is a computer-assisted process of adding color to a monochrome image. 

Franklin Price Knott and Maynard Owen Williams of the National Geographic Society give us a colorful look at the Bali of around 90 years ago.

Two Balinese men preparing chickens to fight each other for entertainment

Balinese men dressed in costume and performing a sacred dance

A Balinese man carries pots with a potent drink to be sold at the markets

Balinese dancers pose for a picture before their performance

Performing a ceremonial dance

A child preformer dressed in traditional costume

A nine-year-old dancer in her gilded crown and costume

A young woman leaning against a temple

Two woman carrying offerings