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6 Drivable Weekend Getaways For When You Need To Escape Jakarta


6 Drivable Weekend Getaways For When You Need To Escape Jakarta

Anybody else ready for the weekend already?

Despite the fact that Jakarta comes alive on the weekend, sometimes you just need to get the hell out. But you feel trapped – destined for another weekend in the capital spending too much and accomplishing too little.

Fear not. We have curated a list to inspire your Jakarta escape!

Affordable, within 4 hours drive and adventure packed – all you need to do is get in the escapist mindset.

Java is a beautiful island, and bigger than just Jakarta.

So here are 6 Excellent Weekend Getaways that are driving distance from Jakarta…


The coastal town of Cimaja has blown-up in recent years. The unrivaled South Java surf, pristine beach, and quaint spots like the Cimaja Beach Club, have made Cimaja a prime spot for those escaping the hecticness of the North Coast.

Cimaja Beach Club

Whether as a couple or in a group, Cimaja has enough fun for everyone!

Cimaja Beach Club

Pulau Macan

You have to get a boat for this one, so we’re cheating slightly… but it’s still under 4 hours away! And it’s far enough away from Ancol that the water gets nice and turquoise again.


Treat your partner to a weekend out of Jakarta…

Who needs Bali when you’ve got a private Pulau Macan?

Jakarta Tourism


The closest in distance on our list, Puncak is famous for tea plantations, horse riding, and the cool mountain air.


Give your lungs a break from Jakarta’s hot, sticky pollution, and head to the hills!


Gunung Padang

Another hill this time, but adventure filled in a different sense.

Indonesia is home to a pyramid that is probably 20,000 years old… making it the oldest pyramid structure in the world.

15,000 years older than the Egyptian Pyramids!

We covered this more extensively in the 17 Revolutionary Findings of Gunung Padang.

J a v a – Adventure Indonesia

And rather than being an expensive flight halfway around the world away, this “History Changing” structure is less than 4 hours from Jakarta!

Google Maps

You should get down now before it gets teeming with “experts.”

Though there’s not much left, you can almost feel the history.

Use your imagination.

Graham Hancock

Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu Geopark

The national park was recognized by UNESCO in 2015.

With beaches, hills, and waterfalls, its got everything the adventurous Jakartan could want from a weekend away.

Tourism Indonesia

Situ Gurung Lake

This cheeky lake, surrounded by forests, is an ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta.

And get the perfect Instagram shot to prove it.

Stunning Images

So get your friends and loved ones in a car, and get out of Jakarta!

The Weekend planning starts now…

Sneak out of the office early on Friday and enjoy your Jakarta-free weekend 😊

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