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5 Nice Places In Canggu For Two

Photo: Cafe Veda Facebook Page


5 Nice Places In Canggu For Two

When you come to Bali, you arrive in Heaven, so be ready that this place will take your breath away. You get the same feeling when you see amazing Ukrainian brides. The island looks like a patchwork quilt with its different but very beautiful and unique districts. It is quite difficult to say what place deserves special attraction on Bali because you can find stunning views almost everywhere. However, usually, couples who come here to stay longer than 2 weeks, choose West coast of the island in a district Canggu. It is located about 5 minutes of drive from loud Seminyak. Everyone can find here a piece of paradise to their taste.

1. Veda Café.

You do not need to travel to an authentic Ubud to experience the magic of the place. Veda Café is a small part of a cultural capital of Bali that is located next to the ocean. If your girlfriend does yoga in the morning, then this place will become a nice start of a day. It is a very cozy place for a breakfast. You can hide from burning sun rays in the shade of the trees in the café’s yard and fill your bodies with a powerful energy boost, having drunk one of the many elixirs with natural probiotics. The vast amount of gluten-free and vegan dishes can confuse a new customer, so do not be ashamed of peeking at dishes of other visitors before you make your choice. Time spent in Veda Café is like time spent in a retreat camp, where you feed not only your body but also your soul.

2. Cinta.

Those who want not only to eat tasty food but also to find an inspiration are welcome to café Cinta. In Indonesian, it means “love.” Here you will be able to enjoy a magnificent view of the rice field, along which the Balinese move chaotically in huge cone-shaped straw hats. A little further, the natural landscape is diluted with brightly orange-tiled roofs of the houses, and if Hemingway was alive, this place would undoubtedly have become one of his favorite places to work on another masterpiece. Every day from 8 am to 5 pm, you can try a dish prepared only from organic products and in the best rustic traditions.

3. Nude.

This is another place with an amazing view of the rice field. It is just perfect for breakfast and a romantic dinner. The space of the cafe is laconically divided into two parts, so you can hide from the heat of the day in pleasant coolness and work fruitfully. If your girlfriend likes pasta and, at the same time, she watches her waistline, you should surely visit this place. Here she can treat herself to a whole plate of pasta, which will not cause obesity, but maybe even contribute to its loss. Pasta or, in other words, Zucchini spaghetti is made of a zucchini but resembles durum Italian pasta with the addition of different cheeses.

4. Peloton Supershop.

It is 100% vegan and unique café in this part of the island. The café is always full of people, and it doesn’t matter whether you are a vegetarian or not. Food is so diverse in its taste, so even meat-eaters will not be indifferent. One of the most popular dishes is Avo Good Day, which is consists of a toast (you can choose different kinds of bread), avocado, spread on the toast and decorated with wheat sprouts and a traditional Egyptian seasoning Dukkah.

5. Watercress.

You will not pass by Watercress not just because it is located between Seminyak and Canggu. You will see a big number of bikes, parked in several rows next to the place. As all other cafés, Watercress has time for a siesta when well-fed and happy people leave a place. If you decide to visit the place for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you will not find a vacant table easily. For example, avid Italian coffee-lovers come here to buy coffee, and those guys definitely know how a proper coffee beans roast should be.

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