30 Reactions You Experience When Living In Indonesia

Living in Indonesia can be an emotional roller coaster; from the intense frustration of sitting in traffic for hours, to the supreme gratification of tasting the perfect nasi goreng.

Here are 30 reactions we've all shared living life's ups and downs on the archipelago:

When you're about to fall asleep but one mosquito keeps flying in your ear

When your mie goreng is ready

When PLN has a power outage in the middle of something important

Back when the fuel subsidy was still in place

When you tell someone an Indonesian ghost story

When that person doesn't believe you

When you need to be somewhere but you get stuck in traffic

When you finally get on the toll road after being stuck in traffic for an hour

When you ask an inexperienced taxi driver if he knows where he's going

When someone in traffic passes you to eventually be stuck again at the same place

Sitting in a traffic jam and suddenly realising your phone is on 5% battery

When Jakarta was named the world's number 1 city for traffic congestion

When the wet season starts

 When you're angry with the constant wet weather

When the anger turns to sadness

When an adorable street kid approaches your car to ask for money, but you know the money doesn't end up in their pockets

When a street musician turns out to be really talented

When the city council of Jember proposes to prevent girls from graduating school if they fail a "virginity test"

How we imagine corrupt officials react after receiving negative press

When Jokowi and Prabowo both claimed election victory last year

When bars and nightclubs don't do ID checks

An Indonesian mother's reaction when she hears you're hungry

When using a toilet hose for the first time 

When someone calls you gendut without realising it's rude

When you and your friend see a really attractive person at the mall

When you realise a stunningly attractive woman isn't actually a woman

When a spoilt child is staring at you but their parents are looking the other way

When you hear that SBY released an album

When a perfectly innocent website is blocked by Internet Positif

After figuring out how to access blocked websites