3 Cases Of Hypnosis Crimes In Indonesia: Are They Real


Hypnosis is the reason behind many thefts in Indonesia, even on police reports they are noted as being true methods of crime. Watch the footage - what do you think?

All around the country people report to the police about losing their belongings, handing over jewellery or giving bank cards with their PIN numbers to people they have just met, claiming not to remember who these people were or why they did it. Despite scepticism from some, it has become a serious fear amongst local people, especially due to the seeming inability to guard oneself from these ‘hypnosis attacks’.

We have some cases, pictures and a video below of same hypnosis cases below, what do you think? 

1) Indomaret cashier theft, Lampung, Sulawesi

Caught on CCTV! This was a supposed hypnosis theft, whereby a group of people came in together, said to be Arabs. There are two bouts of robbery here, one at the cash register and one later at the market's sage. Rp. 4 million was said to be stolen this day.

Watch this Indonesian News Reel:

The first CCTV footage shows a man, leaning in and simply taking cash out the register whilst the staff stand there and do nothing. The staff interviewed explain that the man asked for cigarettes, then he spoke something in Arabic and they became confused and disoriented, doing things he wanted them to do. The second part of the footage is an Arab woman, allegedly from the same group, being given the money from the safe of the market by the staff. The staff that day said they only regained awareness once the robberies were over and the hypnotists had left. 

2) Shopping Bags in the Cinema

This case took place in Gandaria Mall, Jakarta. The photo shown here was spread through the popular social media platform ‘Path’. The photos don’t show very much, apart from the woman being picked up by the security guards.

Source: Kaskus.co.id

Source: Kaskus.co.id

The caption in the picture explains what happened, stating that the victim (the lady in the Muslim headdress) came into the cinema with a man, who later left with all her shopping bags. Soon after his escape, the woman gained awareness again, began screaming that she had been robbed and also ‘abused’ in the studio and then she fainted.

Click for the full story from Kaskus.

3) Jakarta 'Kidnapping'

Another case in 2011 came about when the family of a 26-year old woman, Laila Febriani, reported her missing. When she was found in Bogor, she was dressed in a veil and was in a mosque – she was disoriented still and in fact suffered mild amnesia. The story reached mainstream news, being reported by The Jakarta Globe newspaper.

Hypnosis is a big deal in Indonesia, often recorded on police reports, reaching mainstream news, and even resulting in the uprise of "hypnosis protection" lessons, from people such as Roma Dewa.

According to The Jakarta Post, a forensic psychologist suggests that hypnotists target people who are vulnerable, either from a lack of sleep, using drugs or fighting fatigue, and also people who have a clear inferiority complex. They lure you in with friendly conversation and the next thing you know, your bank account is rinsed and you're on a boat to East Timor.

Indonesian society remains on edge and forever cautious of these successful yet non-violent bandits. You've seen the videos and read the cases - what do you think?