25 Photos Of Komodo Dragons Being Awesome

Indonesia plays host to the largest living lizard in the world; the Komodo Dragon. 

They are predators that look like they have escaped from Jurassic Park, and can be just as deadly as any dinosaur.

Once dominating the planes of Indonesia and Australasia, the Komodo Dragon now finds its sole refuge in the region of Flores. Due to changes in climate and human activities, they are considered vulnerable by the ICNU. Thankfully, the Indonesian government recognizes the threat to these unique creatures, and have taken steps to preserve them.

With that in mind, here are 25 reminders of how awesome Komodo Dragons are: 

1) The "Komodo Dragon" Name Was First Coined In 1910... You Can See Why. 

2) They Can Live Up To 30 Years Old

3) And Grow To 3 Meters Long 

4) They Come In All Shapes

5) All Sizes

6) And a Variety Of Colours

7) Sometimes, They Can Even Be Cute

8) Aww, Peekaboo! 

9) But Don't Be Fooled, They Are Vicious Creatures

10) When They're Hungry...

11) They Feast

12) Not Sure What's Causing The Bundle, But It's Certainly Not Breathing

13) Once They Lock Eyes On You...

14) They'll Come After Ya!

15) There's A Reason They're Called "Komodo Dragons" And Not "Komodo Fairies." Case In Point:


16) Though Never Fear, They Spend Most Of Their Time Chillin'

17) Or Making Dragon Babies

18) A Bit Of Privacy, Please?

19) Just To Show How Small Their Homeland Has Become

20) Most are Living In A Reservation On Komodo Island

21) Where They Can Roam Free

22) Komodo Dragons Are An Indonesian National Treasure

23) And If We Want To Keep Them Happy

24) We Owe It To Them To Protect Their Habitat

25) So The Komodo Can Remain King

If you have a soft spot for the Komodo Dragons, and want to ensure their deliverance from extinction, WWF offers a symbolic adoption to help protect them and their environment. 

Do you know anyone else with a pet Dragon?