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23 Facts About Central Sulawesi Earthquake – Despair, Heroism & How To Help


23 Facts About Central Sulawesi Earthquake – Despair, Heroism & How To Help

As first responders, reporters and government officials assess the damage caused by the Central Sulawesi Earthquake, the extent of devastation seems to be getting worse and worse.

When the cost in life and infrastructure is finally counted, we will see that this is the worst Natural Disaster to strike Indonesia since the 2004 Tsunami.

As of now, the information is still coming in, and help is needed immediately.

Here is what you need to know about the devastating Central Sulawesi Earthquake…

Death Toll Is 1,347 And Rising

Washington Post

65,000 Homes Have Been Destroyed

61,000 People Have Fled To Surrounding Towns

2.6 Million People Affected

Washington Post

UN: 190,000 People Need Urgent Help

Washington Post

Mass Graves Being Dug And Filled To Prevent Spread Of Disease

Jakarta Post

Palu Tsunami Worsened By Shape Of Bay

Tsunami Early Warning System Not Worked Since 2012

Jakarta Post

The Donggala Community Has Been Cut Off From Rescue Efforts

Riots In Donggala Prison

They broke out of prison when they were denied the chance to look for their families.

Jakarta Post

Mudflows Inland Have Swallowed Homes And Possibly Hundreds Of Unaccounted Residents

Jakarta Globe

They Are Survivors, Not Looters

A Crisis brings out the survivor in people. To call them “Looters” is a gross misrepresentation of the desperation.

Food And Water In Short Supply

To such an extent that the people that come to help immediately become victims of the earthquake. They need sustenance too.

New York Times

Fuel Needed

Pertamina has said they are sending fuel. For now, Palu residence make do with what they’ve got.

Jakarta Post

Lack Of Heavy Machinery To Clear Rubble

No significant Foreign-Military Aid, zero aircraft and vessels have been sent. Singapore and the US are “readying aircraft”, though, at this time, the Indonesian Government is refusing foreign aircraft to the “sensitive area”.

Jakarta Post

Over 200 After Shocks Since Friday

Indeed, Monday saw the eruption Mount Soputan in Central Sulawesi, while there was a 6.3 earthquake in East Nusa Tenggara, 10km of East Sumba on Tuesday.

New Straits Times

There are some serious movements occurring along the Ring of Fire.

This is probably not the end.

18 Countries Are “Considering” Aid – This Is Where We Are Now

So far aid, foreign and domestic, has been a far cry from what is urgently required.

Jakarta Post

Indonesian Government = $37.6 Million

Australia =  $5 Million + 500k To Indonesian Red Cross

European Commission = $1.5 Million

South Korea = $1 Million

China = $200,000 Via the Red Cross

Compare This To The 16 Billion Delivered In Internation Aid To The Aceh Tsunami

Washington Post

Heroes And Survivors

38-Year-Old Man Retrieved From Rubble After 3 Days

Anthonius Gunawan Agung – The Air Traffic Control Hero

Agung, the 21-year-old that saved the Batik Air flight 6123 remains the hero from the Central Sulawesi tragedy…


Though We Still Need Heroes – Can You Be One?

We are still in need of heroes, and you do not need to be on the ground to help.

Every Rp. 5,000 ($0.30) is a meal for someone in desperate need of food.

The time for prayers is over. It is time we answered our own prayers and do what we can, now.

190,000 Indonesian’s are in desperate need of help at this very moment.

The Indonesian Government is strained, the International Community is slow to react. But you have complete control over an immediate effect, right now.

If these people are going to avoid catastrophe, starvation, and possibly death, it will be thanks to the generosity of individuals like you.

Charities suggested by the New York Times:

The Indonesian Red Cross


Habitat for Humanity Indonesia

Humanity & Inclusion

World Vision

International Medical Corps

The Indonesian Red Cross

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