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21 Funny Indonesian Signs and Translations (Part 2)


21 Funny Indonesian Signs and Translations (Part 2)

We love funny translations at WowShack.

It’s something we’ve looked into before (see our first post here), because there’s just something about bad English that cracks everyone up! You can’t blame those around the archipelago because really Bahasa Indonesia is very ‘phonetic’, so these mistakes happen.

But, whatever the reason for this ‘Engrish’ it is simply hilarious and perfect for a laugh.

Here we bring you 21 Funny Indonesian Signs and Translations. 
(Contains bad language).

1) Bed S**t

I’ll take two please.


2) Date Room

See you there, Friday, 7pm. Just you, me and loads of data.

3) English Lessons

Maybe more like Engrish Lessons…

(4) Translet

Seems legit. Take my money!

(5) Entry Please

No exiting allowed!

(6) Ice Cream for the Bad Boys & Girls

I Crime, You Crime, We all Crime for Es Crime!

(7) Part Time

No, I’m not looking for anything full-time. Just Fart Time.

(8) Seafood

(9) Tahu Bahar

Straight up Google Translate bro.

(10) Get Connected

(11) We Don’t Need No Education

Y3ah, ryt? Hu nids shcool aneeway?

(12) Glow In The Duck

That is truly some ‘fowl’ English, must be written by some quack-job.

(13) Newest Trend in Paris

(14) Cream Bath, Anyone?

It says bad, but I swear it’s good!

Krim Bad.jpg

(15) Ladies Underwater

Note: Actually, this picture is better than it first looks. Yes, the ‘under water’ is circled but if you look at every single English translation on each line – they are all wrong! “Ladis” and “Pujamas”? Just an all-round great Engrish sign.

(16) Before and After (English Lessons)

Yep, much better the second time.

(17) Fried Chicken

Look out KFC, you’ve got competition!

(18) Kebaya

The ultimate choice in fashion, traditional and sexy AF.

(19) Sisi TV

Don’t be a sisi, we can see-see you.

(20) Sony’s Erection

An ‘out-standing’ brand in electronics.

(21) Welcome Tourists!

Plis com agen, yes, turist fren.

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