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20 Things We Miss When We Leave Indonesia



20 Things We Miss When We Leave Indonesia

Life in Indonesia, as we all know, is unique, and there are some key elements that add up to the experience. It really is the little things that count! We all get a little homesick, so whether you’re out of the country for a week, a month, or even forever…here are 20 things we miss about Indonesia when we leave.

1) Indomie

2) Cheap Massages

3) “Cheap” DVDs

4) Those Street ‘Nongkrongers’

5) Those Tropical Sunsets

6) Nasi Goreng for Breakfast

7) Feeling Like a Millionaire

8) Being Surrounded By a Living Culture

9) The Lack of Road Rules
10) Kaki-Lima Street Food

11) The Amazing Views and Landscapes

12) Fresh Sambal

13) Cheap Taxis

14) A Convenient Number of Convenience Stores

15) 24 Hour Delivery Service

16) Bir Bintang

17) Parking Anywhere, Anytime!

18) The Celebrations

19) Mas Ojek

And of course
20) Those Big Indonesian Smiles!

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