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20 Photos Of Bali’s Terrifying Ngrupuk Parade


20 Photos Of Bali’s Terrifying Ngrupuk Parade

The night before Nyepi, Bali’s day of silence is the Bhuta Yajna Ritual, when the demons must be cleansed from the lands.

After huge amounts of religious ceremonies down the streets, the Balinese hold their awesome Ngrupuk parade, for which the villages have spent endless hours preparing for!

Huge bamboo and papier-mâché structures are built in the form of demons, mythological creatures, monsters and more! Creativity knows no bounds and these terrifying behemoth statues known as “Ogoh-Ogoh” are paraded through the streets – only to be burnt to ash at the beach, symbolising the cleansing of negative elements. Below sets the scene in Bali’s Kuta area during the Ngrupuk Parade:

And here are 20 photos of the terrifying Ogoh-Ogoh Statues!

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