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18 Ways To Know You Grew Up In Jakarta During The 90s


18 Ways To Know You Grew Up In Jakarta During The 90s

Let’s face it. Growing up in the 90s was probably the last chance anybody could have a shot at having a normal childhood. The toys were cool, TV shows were fresh and the fun just didn’t stop. Here are 18 ways to know you grew up in Indonesia during the 90s.

1) Watching Doraemon On TV

2) Having Endless Supply Of Choki-Choki

3) Wanting To Be Ultraman

4) Spending Hours In The Comic Book Section At Gramedia

5) This Thing.

6) Pondok Indah Mall Water Slide

7) Gulali

8) The Satisfaction Of This…

9) Nostalgic Food Packaging. RIP Potato Stick

10) Gaining X-Ray Vision With These 

11) Crushing On Nadya Hutagalung As MTV Asia’s VJ 

12) This Stationery

13) Tamiya… 😀 

14) Do It Yourself Fashion Stickers

15) Feeding The Deers At Istana Bogor 

16) NEVER Having Enough Of These..

17) Pancakes At Puncak Pas


18) And Of Course, What We All Dreaded Most… 

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