18 Indonesian Holidays To Plan Your Vacation Around In 2016

At WowShack, we can sometimes be guilty of teasing you with picturesque snaps of Indonesia's incredible vistas. But when can you find the time to actually see them beyond your phone or laptop screen?

Perhaps Indonesia's greatest character trait is it's acceptance of all religions and creeds... and the use of many different religious and celebratory holidays as a result!

Here are the Public Holidays to look forward to in 2016...

Holidays That Make Long Weekends

1 January, New Years Day (Friday)

8 February, Chinese New Year (Monday)

25 March, Good Friday (Friday)

5 May, Ascension Day of Jesus Christ (Thursday)

6 May, Ascension of the Prophet (Friday)

4 July, Cuti Bersama (Monday)

5 July, Cuti Bersama (Tuesday)

6 July, Eid Al-Fitr (Wednesday)

7 July, Eid Al-Fitr (Thursday)

8 July, Cuti Bersama (Friday)

12 September, Idul Adha (Monday)

12 December, Birth of the Islamic prophet Mohammad (Monday)

25 December, Christmas Day (Sunday)

26 December, Cuti Bersama (Monday) 

Holidays That Don't Make Long Weekends... But Hey, We'll Take 'Em!

9 March, Hari Raya Nyepi (Wednesday)

1 May, Labour Day (Sunday)

22 May, Waisak Day (Sunday)

2 October, Islamic New Year (Sunday)