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16-Year-Old Boy Marries 71-Year-Old Woman In Indonesia

Photo: AsiaWire/Berita Total


16-Year-Old Boy Marries 71-Year-Old Woman In Indonesia

Love knows no age, right?

A 16-year-old boy has married a 71-year-old woman in Indonesia, despite opposition from their families and the Government.

Selamat Riayadi and Rohaya had an unofficial marriage locally known as nikah siri, in Karang Endah village. They were wed by Rohaya’s guardian, the Jakarta Post reports.

The two are reportedly both poor, so money was not a factor in the union.

The Jakarta Post reports Indonesia’s Social Affairs Minister Khofifah Indar Parawansa says the marriage is not legal and family members from both sides protested the wedding.

“A team from the Social Affairs Ministry checked and found that they held an unofficial wedding, thus they don’t have a marriage deed. It’s not possible for them to marry in a KUA [Religious Affairs Office], because the groom is still underage,” he said in a statement.

The two had threatened to kill themselves if their families stopped them from marrying.

A community leader in Karang Endah named Kuswoyo said the two were “completely in love”.

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