15 Ways To Make an Indonesian Angry

Indonesian people are generally peaceful and positive - but everyone has certain buttons that if pushed, may cause a bit of ruckus !

If you're in Indonesia, here's 15 things you may want to avoid doing:-

1) Seeing our flag and saying "Hey, is that the Polish flag?"

2) Assuming that Indonesia is 'Third World'

We have the Internet guys, how else did we make WowShack?

3) By saying "Oh, is Indonesia like, near Bali?"

4) Expressing opinions on the WHOLE country based on your experiences in Jakarta / Bali only

5) Make us "lose face" in public

6) Saying that we're all bad drivers

It actually takes mad skill and patience to drive in Indonesia!

7) Complain about our food hygiene

...well, WE don't get sick!

8) Mistaking our extra-friendly nature for us hitting on you

Get over yourself ! 

9) Telling us Indomie tastes crap

10) Refuse when we offer you something to eat or drink

11) Diss a fellow Indonesian

12) Say that rendang, batik and orangutans are Malaysian

13) Bring up Communism in 1965... Yikes

14)  Only ever trying Nasi Goreng and claiming you "love Indonesian food"

15) When you take life too seriously

We're all pretty laid back, so let's all just take it easy and enjoy life a little!