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15 Things We Did In Indonesia 10 Years Ago That Now Seem Really Weird


15 Things We Did In Indonesia 10 Years Ago That Now Seem Really Weird

Indonesia is no stranger to that feeling of nostalgia associated with rapidly changing fashion trends and technology advancements.
Here are 15 things you probably did a decade ago that might now seem very unusual.

1) Trying To Fit A Text Message Into 160-Characters Or Less

2) Using Real Maps/Directories Instead Of Google Maps/GPS

3) Asking For Someone’s Home Phone Number

4) Listening To Music On MTV

5) Talking With Your Friends On MSN Messenger

6) Buying Phone Ringtones

7) Hearing The Dial-Up Internet Connection Tone

8) Going On MySpace Or Friendster

9) Listening To Music With A Discman

10) Getting Your News From A Newspaper

Well… people definitely still read newspapers now – but online news sources are becoming more and more prevalent.

11) Going To A Warnet To Download Large Files Or Play Games

12) Using Flip Phones

13) Writing On A Piece Of Paper

Smartphones are everywhere in Indonesia these days and pretty much make putting pen to paper unnecessary.

If you want to keep the feel of the pen but still increase productivity, the Samsung GALAXY Tab A comes with an S-pen, allowing you to draw, handwrite emails and jot down notes.



14) People Using ‘Car Call’ To Contact Their Driver

15) Taking Your Camera To A Store To Get Photos Printed

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