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15 Photos From Indonesia That Will Make You Smile


15 Photos From Indonesia That Will Make You Smile

License Plate Innovation

A Motorhorse
Source: Anap Shah /

Anap Shah /

MBakBerry Restaurant

Setarbak Kopi

Businessman Handoko Njotokusuma rides a motorcycle with his golden retrievers, Ace and Armani, in Surabaya. The dogs, both 3, have been riding with him this way since they were puppies.


Ladder Innovation
Source: Twitter User Wisnu Suhandoko

Wisnu Suhandoko

How to sit down and still avoid losing your place in the queue…

Only in Jakarta…


Nasi Lemak Explained

Star Wars Indonesia Style

Indonesia’s Most Confusing Product

Spotted in Jakarta…

Atlas of Prejudice: Asia According to Indonesia

The honesty of Indonesian police!
(Translation: Don’t have a road accident here… The hospital is far…)

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