15 Indonesian Food Instagram Posts That Will Make You Hungry

70 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day. Most of them suck. But there are plenty of great photographs hidden among the and selfies. And thanks to the explosion of mobile photography over the past few years, more and more culinary pros are showing off their best pics every day on Instagram—right alongside amateur foodies—to thousands of fans.

In this series we feature some of the most delicious Indonesian cuisine on offer, taken by everyday Indonesian instagramers.

1. Nasi Campur

2. Bebek Goreng

3. Bakso

4. Soto Ayam

5. Nasi Bungkus

6. Gado-gado

7. Ikan Bakar

8. Ayam Goreng

9. Sate Ayam

10. Nasi Bebek

11. Nasi Goreng

12. Martabak

13. Nasi Biru

15. Indomie