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14 Reactions You Have When You Eat In The Warung


14 Reactions You Have When You Eat In The Warung

The warung, the oasis of Indonesia’s hungry folk. With a range of delicious and cheap dishes, piles of rice and steaming sambal, we all love the huge feasts we have when head down to the ‘touchscreen’ warung.

Here we’ve put together 14 reactions that reflect our journey through an epic warung meal, from hunger pains to spicy stomachs!

(1) When you’re waiting in line, hungry as hell

(2) When you finally get to the “touchscreen” 

(3) When you watch your plate pile up

(4) When the server asks “sudah cukup?” too early

(5) When you’ve finally sat down and are ready to chow down…

(6) …then your friend tries to start a conversation

(7) When you finally take that first bite

(8) But then lose control

(9) When you suddenly realise that last bite had WAY too much sambal

(10) And the spiciness hits you hard

(11) When you cool it off with an es teh manis and are just happy to be alive

(12) When you’re done eating and feel fat and sad

(13) But realise it was worth it and learn to embrace your bloated tummy

(14) When all of a sudden that spicy sambal hits your stomach and it’s “time to go”.


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