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14 Awesome Apps That Make Life In Indonesia Much Easier


14 Awesome Apps That Make Life In Indonesia Much Easier

Indonesia can be a minefield.

Indonesia is a hive for mobile connectivity; every man and his dog has a smartphone! With that, inevitably, the boom of mobile apps happened,

apps have been created to make your life in Indonesia more exciting, and open up the country at your fingertips

So here are 14 apps to help make your life in Indonesia easier…

1) Waze

Waze is an awesome app for those living in the crowded streets of, for example, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Bali. This social app utilises people’s updates of the current status of the whereabouts to identify problem routes and traffic roads.

2) GrabTaxi

This is an awesome app that tracks your location and finds available taxi’s around you. When you order a cab and set your drop off point, you will get your confirmation, see your driver’s details and track his/her movements towards you. It’s a great way for a speedy pickup!

3) Gojek

This app is a new kid on the block. Formalizing the classic Indonesian transportation service of the street ‘ojek’ (motorbike taxi), Gojek allows you to book their services through this interactive app. From transport to courier services and even shopping, the app connects you to the driver through GPS, messaging and calling as well. Launched in Jakarta and Bali so far.

4) Uber

Although not new around the world, Uber has set its wheels on Indonesian ground. Operating in Jakarta and Bali first, this app allows you to connect to everyday people who have registered themselves as everyday taxi services in their own vehicles!


SINDHÈN app gives users the heads up on all upcoming events and deals at over 300 clubs, lounges, bars and restaurants in Jakarta. The easy-to-use booking system allows users to book tables, get on the guest list, and claim the best deals for a night out. Users can also watch videos and view photos from the weekend and read articles on Jakarta nightlife.

SINDHEN App is this WowShack writer’s Editor’s Pick. I’m pretty outgoing but I get a little confused with what’s hot and what’s not with Jakarta nightlife, so I use this app often on the weekends!

Download it for ITUNES and PLAY STORE now.
or visit their WEBSITE to find our more.

6) Movreak

This app is the cinema lover’s dream! This app shows you what movies are showing in the cinema, book your ticket, check seating availability, watch trailers and read reviews.

7) Ffoodpanda

This is literally food-delivery-heaven. Imagine all your favourite takeaway joints, fast-food stops and even proper restaurants that deliver all in one app. You literally never have to leave your house again! Just open, search by distance or even type of food, see the menu and orderrrrr up.

8) Grivy

Brought to you by, this is Southeast Asia’s fastest growing leisure activity auction site. From nights out, dinners, concert tickets, hotels, beauty treatments and more, Grivy brings ‘deals’ to the next level! Check out the available deals and make a bid for a price, get your experience for WAY cheaper than you could imagine.

9) Experience Indonesia

Whether you’re a learned scholar, or just an armchair traveller, or someone Indonesian hoping to learn more, this app provides you with all you need to know and more about the archipelago’s history, cultural wonders and biodiversity. The entire archipelago is at your fingertips, with pictures, information, videos and more.

10) Indonesia Flight

Indonesia Flight Apps is powered by which has partnered with 11 Airline Companies such as Lion Air, Sriwijaya Air, Nam Air, Air Asia, Citilink, Batik Air, Wings Air, Malindo Air, Tigerair, Thai Lion Air, and Express Air with real-time availability & best available rates.

11) With Locals

Although not confined to Indonesia, using this app is great for local travel; ask trusted locals about travel tips to plan your holiday! Easily connect and communicate with local people in Southeast Asia to discover real, less touristic Asia.

12) Alacards

Alacards Indonesia is an e-wallet inside your phone – it holds all your important loyalty cards, membership cards, brand information, rewards information and more. It’s a great way to lost the physical weight of your actual wallet and always have your membership/loyalty cards at the ready!

13) ATM Bersama

Find ATM’s near you! All the branches, along with their branch code are listed for you on this super useful app. Also has information about deals, promos and news.

14) Zalora

Need a little retail therapy? What better way to do it than sitting back on your couch, feet up and swiping through your phone to find your favourite fashion brands. Tap, order and pay for your new clothes and accessories on have it delivered to your feet.



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