12 Variations Of The Tongsis That Will Have You Cracking Up!

Tongsis is the abbreviated word for "tongkat narsis", or in English "The stick of narcism". Truer words have never been spoken. This is the Indonesian term for the infamous selfie stick, which, in Indonesia, comes in many forms!

1) The Help-Sis (Literally)

2) The Friendsis

3) The Footsis

4) The Pipesis

5) The Wipesis

6) The Pengsis
(A 'pengki' is an Indo dustpan)

7) The Umbrelsis

8) The Culsis
(The 'pacul' is an Indo farmers spade)

9) The Lapsis

10) The Bamsis

11) The Sapsis
(With DIY Process)

12) The Fake-sis



So there you have it - 12 wacky, Indo-made tongsis. Now you will never go "unphotoed", isn't that great?