12 Photos of Indonesians Celebrating Chinese New Year

As we enter The Year of The Goat, WowShack looks at how Indonesia celebrated Chinese New Year.

During Suharto's reign, observing Chinese New Year in public was forbidden. Even lighting beautiful Chinese lanterns was illegal. 

Fast forward to the present day, and the occasion has become a symbol of Indonesia's Unity In Diversity

Here is how Indonesia celebrates Chinese New Year:

1) The Preparations

2) Parades In Solo

3) Everyone's Getting Involved! 

4) Even This Little Dude

5) And What Is a Party Without a Beat?

6) And Epic Beards?

7) Vibrant Costumes Is What The Day Is Renowned For

8) And The Dragons...

9) Even, For 2015 At Least, The Goats... 

10) However, Some Would Rather Observe The Day In Silence

11) Or As a Family Gathering to Acknowledge a Deep Cultural Heritage

12) What Could Be a Better Motive And Force For Peace?

Hello, World!