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12 Magnificent Indonesian Moustaches To Celebrate Movember



12 Magnificent Indonesian Moustaches To Celebrate Movember

One month of the year, certain pockets of the male population grow their Mo’ for the entire month of November – a phenomenon known as Movember.

However, for many men in Indonesia, Movember is a year-long, even a life-long process. In fact, Indonesia is one of the very few countries that still recognize the lip-caterpillar as a fashionable facial accessory.

In recognition of this, we have shaven down a long list of applicants to bring you the finest Indonesian kumis around.

So here are 12 of the most magnificently manly moustaches Indonesia has ever grown…

Careful, a proper Mo can make you gila

Sure this took more than a month…

The Mo in prayer…


And culture.

With great Mo, comes great responsibility

Oh, Mo…

When pulled off well…
download (2).jpeg

download (2).jpeg

And not so well.

This hipster legend had his Mo before it was fashionable, then unfashionable… then fashionable again.

Some of our Mo’s are award winning…

And some are better left behind closed doors…

Remember that Movember has a point to it – to raise awareness, and more importantly, dispel the taboo of checking for and treating prostate cancer. So let’s show solidarity to all our brothers already in the struggle, and be sure to get yourself checked!

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