11 Of The Most Amazing Photos By Indonesia’s Light Painting Community

Light painting, or light graffiti, is an awesome visual spectacle made by long exposure cameras and coloured lights. Here are 12 really amazing photos by some of our own Indonesian light painters:-

1. "Indonesia-ku Jayalah Negeriku"

2. "Pit-Pitan"

Shooter : Sidiq Setyo Nugroho; Lighter : Sidiq Harjanto.

Shooter : Sidiq Setyo Nugroho; Lighter : Sidiq Harjanto.

3. "Dirgahayu 70th"


5. "Nyalakan Kemerdekaan"

6. "Cendrawasih Dancer"

7. "Monas"

9. "Big City Lights"

10. "Dayak in Light"

Lighting by: Mbuy

Lighting by: Mbuy

11. "Enlightened"

Want to make your own?

There are camera phones out there that can do all the work for you. The Huawei P8 is our pick of the bunch - the reviews of the camera's quality have been exceptional and the convenience of not needing a DSLR Camera makes it a win for us. Click here to learn more about the Huawei P8.

Otherwise, you can do it the old fashioned way. You'll need:

1. A DSLR Camera (with manual settings that include "Bulb")
2. A Tripod
3. A remote trigger with a lock mechanism or timer
4. At least one extra battery (Long exposure can eat up battery)
5. A lens hood or shade for your lens.

Here are 5 more from around the World for inspiration...

- "Wino Forever"

- "Great Shot"

- "Beach Fighters"

- "In Seattle"

- "Skating"