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10 Ways to Spot a ‘Trendy’ Jakartan on Holiday in Bali



10 Ways to Spot a ‘Trendy’ Jakartan on Holiday in Bali

Bali is the number one escape for those living in the big city; only an hour and a half away from the capital, island life calls for the modern metropolitan types. But, there’s definitely something noticeably different about the Jakartan holiday-goer, making them easily recognisable under the swaying palm trees of Bali. 

Here’s are 10 things that are characteristic of a trendy Jakartan on Holiday in Bali, so that you know them when you see them! (Also applies to Surabayans).

1) They come as a pack

Like wolves, they must move in packs. The Jakartan is a social creature and typically arrives in Bali with minimal 4-6 people as their entourage.

2) They are loud

In order to spread the news of their presence on this holiday island, the wolf-pack Jakartans must laugh incredibly loudly and shout jokes at one-another – especially in public spaces and restaurants.

3) They dress to impress

Unlike the usual holiday-goer or Bali resident, these city-slickers like to show-off their urban styles by dressing up, looking like they’re off to the mall. Scared of being caught looking like a ‘local’, there’s no flip-flops here, its all brogues and heels baby!

4) They spend

Whether its at the day-beds at Potatohead Beachclub or a table at Jakartan-hive Mirror (Club), these cash-flinging tourists love to spend whilst on a ‘Bali Vacay’. Poppin’ Moet Chandon and downing bottles of Grey Goose, Daddy’s credit card ain’t got no limit.

5) They will always be at the newest hit place

Like flies to bright lights, these trend-hunting crowds seek for the new ‘in’ places in Bali. They are rarely there for the food or drink – if the place looks cool it becomes an impromptu set for a photoshoot…

6) They stay in villas

In an attempt to separate themselves from the ‘Aussie tourists’ and the everyday people, the holidaying, trendy Jakartan segregates themselves from Bali life by renting secluded villas, often manned by maids and butlers to make them feel at home.

7) They are always on the search for ‘secret beaches’

In order not to look too mainstream, the keen Jakartan holiday explorer seeks out to find new, unheard of beaches so that when you say you’ve never heard of it they can be like:-

8) They bring their own cars

For some reason, the cars in Bali are not fit for the “royal behinds” of the trendy Jakartan, hence they feel the need to bring their own vehicles to the island. Their ‘B plate’ cars often receive much an evil glance during Bali traffic jams.

They be like:

9) They are always on their phones

Even if a truly breathtaking view of the sunset was in front of them whilst they are perched above the cliffs in Uluwatu, their phones are always more interesting.

and of course

10) Selfies.

Armed with their selfie-sticks, the Jakartan must take an excessive amount of selfies during their trip to Bali. Because, pics or it didn’t happen.



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