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10 Ways To Help Pass The Time In Traffic



10 Ways To Help Pass The Time In Traffic

Whether you’re in Bandung, Bali, Balikpapan or the Big Durian there will be points in your day where you’ll be stuck in a seemingly never-ending line of cars; feeling bored, frustrated and bordering claustrophobic. Fear not as WowShack is here to help!

The worst part of being stuck in traffic is that feeling of being really ‘unproductive’: you’re not moving forward, you’re wasting time, you can’t do anything! What’s more, time moves so? darn. slow! But we say, if you’re stuck in this situation, rather than just doing the “infinite scroll” on your Instagram pages, try some of these suggestions that help you either (a) Pass The Time: PTT or (b) Be Productive: BP.

1) Talk To Your Driver (PTT)

You know, that guy you see every day, driving you around and sitting in traffic for just as long as you. How well do you know him? Why not strike up a conversation, see how his fam is doing, talk about Indonesian politics… Having a decent chat will help time move faster.

Talk to driver.jpg

2) Spot The Nongkronger (PTT)

This is a fun little game you can play alone or with friends stuck with you. The rules are simple, you have to spot and point out any person you see ‘nongkronging’ on the street. Each one spotted gives you a point. Definition of nongkronger: Man/woman squatting, hand usually on the stomach, daydreaming and doing absolutely nothing. If they’re smoking, that’s one extra point!

3) Get Creative (BP)

If you have a big project coming up or need to brainstorm some ideas, this time undisturbed in your car is perfect. Having a clear mind with no distractions is proven to be the best ‘environment’ to be creative, so get a blank piece of paper and let the ideas flow…

4) Listen to Podcasts (PTT + BP)

If you’re sitting in a car for 2 or 3 hours, why not use this time to ‘enrich’ yourself and gain knowledge? There is such a huge range of podcasts nowadays and there’s something for everyone: current affairs, politics, nutrition, psychology, philosophy – you name it!

5) Call Someone Important (PTT)

With the spare time you have, why not call up your parents, grandparents or an old friend and just catch up. They’ll really appreciate it and it will help pass the time.

6) Meditate (PTT)

You might think this is a little weird, but studies show that even 10 minutes of meditation are great for the brain. It clears your mind and gets you ready for the day ahead- you’ll feel peaceful, relaxed and will avoid the usual negative traffic emotions.

(Try ‘transcendental/mantra meditation’ – easiest to pick up).

7) Clean Up (BP)

With this spare time, you can get round to that spring cleaning you said you’d do ages ago- I mean on your laptop, phone or tablet! Delete old files, clean up your desktop, manage your pictures – the things you keep saying “ah, I’ll do it tomorrow…” well you can do it now!

8) Exercise (BP)

Why not actually workout in the comfort of your car? There are loads of different workouts you can do now: from stretches, crunches to resistance exercises and callisthenics. Get that body you’ve always wanted from the seat of your car- no time wasted!

Check The Daily Beast and Health Xchange for ideas.

9) Daydream (PTT)

This seems an obvious one, but with our smartphones and tablets on all the time, we’re actually doing this much less throughout or day. Daydreaming is a great way to relax and the best thing is there are actually health benefits to daydreaming too! (Below)

10) WowShack Up!

If all else fails and you’re needing a serious escape from the annoying line of traffic ahead of you, head on over to our homepage which is filled with madly interesting distractions and crazy topics you’ll love! (We’re mobile friendly too you know).


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