10 Technologies That Would Improve Life in Indonesia

It's the 21st Century and finally Indonesia is catching up with the rest of the world in e-commerce and e-services. With awesome apps and the likes of GO-JEK, Lazada and other e-commerce, we're coming up with new and innovative ways to make our online lives better. Obviously we're not 100% there, here are some things we'd like to see coming into Indonesia soon:-

1. Online Grocery Shopping 

In many other countries you find that supermarkets and grocers offer a fully online shopping service. Imagine Alfamart, Carrefour or Giant offering their whole range for you to pick online then have it delivered to your door-step the next day. 

2. Electronic Voting Systems

It's time for those "human errors" in counting votes to end - in a country of notorious corruption, a fully electronic, fully transparent voting system would be the obvious next step. 

3. Netflix

This will be the ultimate replacement for the shameless pirated DVD racket that plagues the country. Netflix is a series and movies streaming service that probably has more movies and series than Ratu Plaza. Convenient and always accessible, Netflix is the ultimate way to vegetate at home. 

4. Smart City Technology

With internet becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives, it should be made accessible around urban zones. Like in Porto, Portugal, the city has installed WiFi in moving vehicles and public hubs so that whether you're commuting on a bus or sitting in a park you always have a wifi! This also allows governments to collect important urban data for improvements. 

5. Spotify

Not yet accessible in Indonesia, this hybrid between youtube and iTunes allows music lovers to stream songs through a monthly subscription. This allows people to explore music and have it available without having to buy albums or singles.

6. PayPal Integration 

Even with the rise in e-commerce in the country, PayPal isn't being utilized. PayPal gives us the ability to have an e-wallet that can be deposited into and withdrawn from. It is best way to advance our online transactions and transfers! 

7. App Based Payment Systems 

With NFC (Near Field Connection) technology, we can actually use our phones as credit or debit cards. With the likes of Apple pay and others, small payments like for taxis, a coffee or a train ticket can all be done automatically. 

8. Travel Based Apps

Although we touched on some in a previous article, new apps are helping to improve city-based travel. Urban Engines for example helps commuters find different ways of moving around the city on the fastest and best modes of transport. Indonesia needs to open up to - and integrate with- such technologies.

Some have taken this further to track commuters in an urban zone and reward them when they travel outside of busy periods or avoid congested zones - thus reducing the overall rush hour traffic. 

9. Self-service Kiosks

Similar to Air-Asia's new method of self check-in booths, these kinds of technologies could really ease queues in many industries; this would work in orders at pharmacies, queuing in banks or especially things like applying for a driver's license that takes visits to multiple desks. 

In Japan, Smart Consulting Services are even being used in hospitals, helping patients admit themselves and even semi-diagnose (above).

10. Full 4G

In a country with seriously crazy mobile statistics, it's surprising that we haven't been able to really harness 4G into our network systems. The phones are there, the signal is there, but they aren't performing like they're supposed to. Fast mobile connections awaken a hive of possibilities to integrate the online with our everyday lives. 

Any more ideas on what tech Indonesia could use? Comment below!