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10 Stunning Places to Dive in Indonesia


10 Stunning Places to Dive in Indonesia

Indonesia boasts some of the best dive spots in the world.

From Sumatra to Papua, the waters around the Indonesian archipelago are a drivers dream. And we’ve collected the very best of them.

Here’s 10 dive spots that will simply take your breath away (hopefully not underwater)…

1) The Thousand Islands, Java

Despite it’s name, this mini Archipelago consists of 110 islands for divers to hop around and explore. 78 of these islands have been declared National Marine Parks.

With many shallower ‘slope dives’ with gorgeous reefs accessible from just off the beaches the Thousand Islands is also great for beginners.

2) Kakaban, Kalimantan

Kakaban island is special for divers (and snorkelers) because of it’s one of a kind inland lake filled with stingless jellyfish.

Around the island though, the deeper seas are filled with larger ‘pelagics’: trevally fish, white tip and leopard sharks and schools of barracuda! A favourite for experts is the gorgeous Blue Light Cave dive.

3) Bunaken, Sulawesi

Caught between currents, Bunaken National Marine Park is home to 70% of all fish species known to the Indo-western Pacific. You can’t go wrong with a biodiversity (of both corals and fish) this rich and diverse.

There are 33 species of butterflyfish and over 390 species of coral in the area.

4) Togean Islands, Sulawesi

Tucked away between two of Sulawesi’s long peninsulas, this is a group of islands is truly a hidden gem of Indonesian diving. The waters are crystal clear.

They have all types of diving here – be it muck dives or walls and night diving. A particular highlight is the wreck of a World War 2 American Bomber!

5) Nusa Penida Bali

This relatively untouched island is teeming with life – at least below the waters! Its famous Manta Point brings many visitors wanting to dive with these eagles of the ocean.

Another highlight of diving here is the Giant Ocean Sun Fish or the Mola Mola. These rare and majestic creatures, almost 2m in size, rise from the deep to bask in the sun.

6) The Gili Islands, Lombok

Whilst Gili Trawangan now holds a reputation as a party island, beneath the waters of the Gilis is pure tranquillity. What’s more, with year round temperatures of roughly 28 degrees, the waters are host to over 3500 species of biota.

You’ll see everything from reef sharks, squid, lion fish, moray eels, snakes, rays, a huge array of coral and of course… loads of turtles!

7) Komodo, East Nusa Tenggara

The magic of the Flores seas is no mystery. Landing in Labuan Bajo and exploring the surrounding waters is a treat for any diver. Especially those on a luxury liveaboard!

It’s home to 1000 species of fish, whales and dolphins and an array of tiny colourful creatures for ‘macro divers’.

8) Morotai, Maluku

This is a rare and amazing dive experience. It is known as a ‘historical underwater site’ due to the huge array of World War Two memorabilia, knick-knacks and wrecks found beneath the water.

9) Cendrawasih Bay, Irian Jaya

This amazing spot, home to the gorgeous Cendrawasih bird of paradise, is also home to the gentle giants of the ocean… whale sharks! Around most of the year, you can swim amongst the gorgeous creatures.

Many come to the surface to suck the fish out of fisherman’s’ nets – cheeky fellas!

10) Raja Ampat, Irian Jaya

For the ultimate diving experience – huge biodiversity, great visibility and many types of diving – Raja Ampat, of course, takes the ticket! You’ll be immersed into a world of colour.

You’ll see Gorgonian fans, crocodilefish, pygmy seahorses, wobbegong sharks…

The best part is, after your dive, the view is just as gorgeous.

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