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Where Are The 10 “New Bali’s” Everyone Is Talking About?


Where Are The 10 “New Bali’s” Everyone Is Talking About?

There’s been a lot of talk about the 10 “New Bali’s” Indonesia plans to open up to the world.

The Indonesian government wants to increase tourism from 4% to 20% of GDP by 2019. To help achieve this the Australian government, through the World Bank, is committing a whopping USD$180 million in investment, which could rise to USD$570 million. So where is this money going to?

Here are the 10 “New Bali’s” that everyone’s talking about…

1) Lake Toba (North Sumatra)

2) Belitung, Babel


 3) Tanjung Lesung, Banten

4) The Thousand Islands, DKI Jakarta


5) Borobudur, Central Java


6) Mount Bromo, East Java

7) Lombok, NTB

8) Komodo Island, Flores

9)Wakatobi National Park, Southeast Sulawesi

10) Morotai, Maluku Utara

A list of beautiful place’s in Indonesia to visit could continue for hundreds, even thousands of destinations.

But the connotations of turning them into “New Bali’s” suggests a neglection of their environment and culture to make a quick profit. You only have to look at how much Bali has changed over the last 40 years to see what becoming a tourist hotspot can do to paradise.

Though having more people visiting our beautiful archipelago is a good thing, we must ensure that we maintain an environmental balance whilst paying respect to the local cultures as more people visit.

Otherwise, the 10 “New Bali’s” could quickly become a shadow of their former selves.

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