10 Amazing Before and After Shots of the 2004 Tsunami in Aceh

It's hard to believe that it has been over a decade since the disastrous calamity of the Boxing Day Tsunami's in 2004. It is even harder to grasp that the same natural disaster took more than 230,000 lives in 14 different countries in South East Asia.

Out of these countries Indonesia suffered the worst. With more than 130,000 confirmed deaths and half a million people displaced, it is no doubt that this tragic event was the single worst tsunami in recent human history.

These before and after photographs do not only show the sad devastation of the natural disaster, but it also shows the resilience and tenacity of the people that rebuilt their city and triumphed over tribulation. 

Banda Aceh 10 Years Later


AFP/Getty Images

AFP/Getty Images

 Baiturrahaman Mosque

Central Banda Aceh

Coastal Highway in Aceh Besar District

Lampuuk Coastal District

 Renovated Grounds Across Baiturrahaman Mosque

Meulaboh, Aceh

Lampuuk Coast